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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DC police arrest alleged prostitutes, wasting resources needed to fight violent crime

Mr Sinclair and Officer Boteler,

This was actually another big failure, which inflates our taxes unnecessarily for non violent crimes, as the Council and MPD seek to pretend to abolish street prostitution for the NIMBYs.

It might be more useful if MPD just arrested the johns and pimps to shame and scare away those who drive the market. Where ever there is a market of people — usually men with gross amounts of disposable income (like well to do PSA 307 residents) — to pay cash to exploit women (more than American society already does) for illicit sex, there will be suppliers.

DC's local judges don't take these irrational "solicitation" cases very seriously and often let non violent prostitutes go. I'm not sure whether or not the men involved get branded publicly as sex offenders — for the rest of their lives where ever they might live or work, to their wives and families — but it would make the system more effective and fair. Altogether, DC residents should fight to scrap current anti-prostitution policies and practices for a humane, logical, cost saving — if not revenue positive — alternative.

On Aug 27, during a trial for Monique L Moultrie (age 38) at the DC Superior Moultrie Courthouse, the Honorable Judge Truman Morrison stated that he's heard thousands of dubious "solicitation violations" in which — absent direct complaint of violence or an offense from one of the participants — MPD officers were actually guilty of committing the technically illegal solicitation to entrap poor people. The real victims in these situations are usually women (or LGBTs), notoriously abused by American society (more than whiny adult black males who get all the news media crying about racism) who have no better ways to survive in America and DC's local economy than to sell their bodies on the street to any disgusting creepy guy with $20 in their pants (who no normal economically stable and sensible human being would likely touch with a 10ft pole or want to see naked).
Judge Truman Morrison recalled an even more troubling case this year in which a poor woman — who was both deaf and mute — was arrested and tried for solicitation after an undercover MPD officer offered her $10 and begged her for some "head" and the male police officer claimed the poor woman solicited him when she "nodded" by looking down toward his crotch (more likely just intimidated, scared and dejected because she was about to be arrested w/o actually having committed a real crime). 

Judge Morrison decried current entrapment polices perpetuated by our DC Council and practiced by MPD as reprehensible and he suggested he usually throws out such cases, or gives meaningless light sentences, because the whole framework is inhumane and an obscene waste of tax payer dollars — from police resources to astronomical court costs — which no one dares itemize transparently for the public or at Council hearings because we would stop this nonsense completely and advocate to create a rational alternative.

So, the effect of the big Sept 13 prostitution bust will probably put the women back out the street with even fewer means to becoming employed and getting their lives back on track.

The nitwit way we use the brutal arm of the insanely costly criminal justice system to ruin the lives of non violent offenders is just one of the reasons Switzerland is ranked 7th as one of the world's leading democracies and the United States is lagging behind pathetically at 19th. The wealthy elite have ruined our democracy and are often eager to charge poor people with felonies that eliminate their right to vote and participate in society and advocate for more humane and rational cost saving policies.

Simple physiology dictates that men are hard wired to seek out sex regularly — with their wives, girlfriends and/or others. Puritanical fallacies about how people should live their lives are out of step with reality and even Christian values; even Jesus refused to condemn someone for a non violent sex offense in (The Gospel of John 8:3-11) when the elite wanted to have her stoned to death. It's hard to imagine He'd want anyone's life permanently ruined for such non violent offenses. 

Prostitution is unhealthy and self destructive, but so are BigGulps. A civilized humane society would not compound the damage — and increase their own taxes – by employing the criminal justice system instead of providing, at a lower cost, better education (than DC public schools — the worst in the Nation), preventive health care, substance abuse treatment, and legitimate/effective job training that would help empower these women (and their LGBT colleagues) and get them back on their feet to become productive neighbors and tax paying American citizens.

Best regards,

Martin Moulton
2014 DC Libertarian candidate for United States Representative for the District of Columbia (Statehood/Shadow Representative)
(202) 422-1161, @ShawingtonTimes

Re: [MPD-3d] 3-D VICE Anti-Prostitution Operation a Success !
Great job! Thank you for the department's hard work on this!
Thom Sinclair

[MPD-3d] 3-D VICE Anti-Prostitution Operation a Success !
On Sat, Sep 13, 2014 at 7:15 AM, 'Boteler, James (MPD)' james.boteler@... [MPD-3d]<MPD-3d@yahoogroups.comwrote:
On today's date, during the very early morning hours, members of your 3-D Vice Unit conducted an street-level undercover "Anti-Prostitution Operation" within PSA307.

The operation focused on street level prostitution and targeted both street-level prostitutes and the customers of said illicit activity.

A total of 15 adult men and women were arrested and charged with "Solicitation of Prostitution."

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