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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why Do Other Parents Care Where I Send My Kid to School?

Why Do Other Parents Care Where I Send My Kid to School? - City Desk

The author has identified a real problem, as have many of the people posting replies who think they disagree with him.  And it's a problem NOT being addressed by either Bowser or Catania, as they continue to not debate each other or discuss any issues beyond the most picayune tinkering with the status quo.  We need rapid expansion of educational options and opportunities, radically increased school choice.  It is not enough to say, as Catania does, that if you are a well off parent who can afford a home in a great school district you should have the right to go to that school.  That only helps his voting base - who do deserve a safe and good education for their kids.  But so does everyone else.  Currently charters receive less than the $29,000 per student we spend in the traditional public schools, vouchers less than that, and tax credits for education don't even exist.  

We need equal opportunity and equal funding for all children no matter where they choose to go to school - public, charter, private, alternative, or home school.

  Additionally we regulate private, independent, alternative schools in DC with a different agency than those we use to regulate charter and public schools, and we make them have more bathrooms, more staff, more expensive furnishings, etc. etc. than charters and public schools. 

 We keep new alternative schools from starting, and we keep people from getting the jobs those schools could provide to DC residents with no law degree.  We also keep those kindergartens, and pre schools and elementary schools from coming into being so they can provide DC child care and education to Maryland and Virginia commuters who might want their kids to go to school across the street from their job in DC, since it would make logistics easier and make it easier to visit a child at lunch.  By regulating our own DC child care and education industry out of existence, we export DC jobs and business opportunities to Maryland and Virginia again, and increase the burden on everyone of rush hour traffic as people have to get back and forth across state lines to pick kids up after school.

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