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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Get out and vote!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Please vote in the primary election today to liberate and empower individuals to succeed. Tell the establishment that we will challenge their authority, which rewards the power elite and special interests who feed off the misery of the least advantaged.
Vote Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6 on April 1st. And vote for the full slate of Libertarian candidates. Write-in our names on any ballot, even if you are not a registered Libertarian. The slate is here:

Also, please donate so we can create cards and doorhangars. We will go door to door until the Nov. 4th election to promote decentralized, rights-based alternatives which treat root causes of poverty, crime, and homelessness, in contrast with traditional policies which expensively bandaid symptoms and increase taxes while keeping people mired in poverty.

With fewer taxes and regulations we can:

Improve Schools: Charters effectively deliver education at about 40% of the cost of the almost $30,000 in per pupil spending. Reduce DCPS' central planning authority and put authority over the budget and operations in the hands of traditional public school principals and parents who can adjust staffing to meet the unique needs of their students. Improve educational effectiveness to reduce poverty, crime, homelessness, and taxes.

Create Jobs: Eliminate or reduce business licenses and fees, including the need for six years of education and experience for interior decorators, one year training for pest control applicators, and thirty-nine other restrictions on professions which don't require a college degree and which erect barriers for those already disadvantaged by government schools. Increase jobs to reduce poverty, crime, homelessness, and taxes.

Reduce Crime: Free police to pursue non-violent drug offendors and focus them on real crimes of violence, theft, and fraud. Reduce street violence by eliminating aggressive prosecution of victimless crimes. Stop criminalizing non-violent drug offendors and stunting their ability to get jobs and housing, forcing them into a cycle of poverty and crime and making them into wards of the state. Protect rights to reduce poverty, crime, homelessness, and taxes.

Thank you,
Pranav Badhwar,
DC Council, Ward 6 candidate

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Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6

Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6
Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6

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