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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey Libertarians - Maybe Jeffrey Thompson Can Buy You Some TV Ads?

Libertarians were overlooked when DCTV invited all candidates to record PSAs last month.  The Green Party candidate for Delegate to Congress, Lino Stracuzzi, pointed this out to me this morning (he was invited and recorded a spot, but says he never saw it run when the Democrats' spots ran).

I called DCTV today and had to convince them we are on the ballot, and that it is the same primary in the same day as everyone else.  They were nice enough and offered to fix it within an hour of my initial call, though at first they thought I was a crazy person I believe, asked me how to pronounce "libertarian" and what day our primary was on (maybe they thought it was an April Fools prank?). The result is we have been invited to record PSAs three days after everyone else's have been running already.  And we only have two days to schedule it.  On a weekday afternoon.

Most of our candidates have full time jobs and two have small children.  I suspect I may be the only candidate able to do this (and even for me I had planned to meet a plumber that day).

And  our two candidates for "shadow" seats, the Statehood Senator and Statehood Representative to Congress, the "offices" the DC government creates to lobby for statehood, may not get to record a PSA.  DCTV doesn't seem to do PSAs for these races for ANY party.  Which is weird since DCTV is part of the DC government I believe.


5 hours ago
Dear Candidate:
 In late February, DCTV was hosting an Open House for all candidates running in the 2014 primary election.
 Unfortunately, our list did not include the last few pages of the Board of Election Candidates List that included your name.
Therefore, we have scheduled a taping on Wednesday March 12th from 2pm -6pm.
This will assist us in getting your message on the air by Monday March 17th
The Open House will allow all DC Board of Elections & Ethics (BOEE)
 qualified candidates to videotape a public service announcement (PSA)
 educating viewers about their campaign platform.  DCTV, formally known
 as the Public Access Corporation of DC, is a membership-based,
 non-profit, public access television network dedicated to building
 communities through telecommunications. DCTV channels reach over
 375,000 viewers in the District.
 The Open House is free and offered on a first come, first served
 basis.  For each candidate, DCTV will produce the PSA and air it on
 DCTV channels throughout the primary election season. During the last primary 
 election, each PSA aired approximately 58 times on DCTV channels within a 30 day period.
If you are interested  in participating, or require additional information, please contact me directly via phone or email.  
The video taping dates/times are as follows:
Wednesday    3/12  2:00 -6:00 PM

Taping times are based on the ½ hour. Example: 3pm or 3:30pm
Please confirm your requested time by March 11, 2014  3pm
Each candidate will have 15 minutes in the studio and the spots should
be up to and no longer than 3 minutes in length. We will not offer teleprompter services or editing.
All tapings will be conducted at DCTV, located at 901 Newton Street, NE - near the Brookland/Catholic University metro stop
on the red line.  Use this link to obtain driving directions:
We look forward to helping you educate District residents about your campaign!


Bob ThomasExecutive Vice President
Direct: 202-370-7081

Public Access Corporation of the District of Columbia (DCTV) 
901 Newton St N.E. Washington, DC 20017                                                                  

Join us for our 25th Anniversary Celebration During 2013-2014.                                             Visit for details

DCTV: The Nation's Community Television Network
Comcast              Channels 95 / 96
RCN                    Channels 10 / 11
Verizon FiOS      Channels 10 / 11 / 28

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Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6
Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6

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