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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Libertarians in DC run unprecedented nearly full slate in 2014

Four DC Libertarians have filed for petitions with the DC Board of Elections, and already collected enough signatures to assure them places on the April 2014 primary ballot. Winners in the primary are automatically assured placement on the November 2014 general election ballot.

The four candidates are:

Frederick Steiner, City Council At Large. Mr. Steiner is a resident of Ward 4. An IT professional, he is married and and the father of a one year old. He has an MBA from George Mason University.

Sara Jane Panfil, Delegate to Congress. Ms. Panfil is a Ward 3 resident and paralegal. She is a graduate of Columbia University.

Bruce Majors, Mayor. Mr. Majors, a resident of Ward 2, has lived in DC since 1980. A realtor and graduate student in economics, Mr. Majors' 2012 campaign for Congress earned over 16,500 votes and permanent ballot status for the Libertarian Party in DC.

Ryan Sabot, Ward 3 city council representative. Mr. Sabot, is a Tenleytown resident and undergraduate at American University. 

And a candidate for Ward 6 (Capitol Hill) is likely.

More candidates are being recruited, for an unprecedented nearly full slate never before put on the ballot by any DC party other than the Democrats. The newly created elected Attorney General position is open to any member of the DC Bar. Wards 1 (Petworth/Columbia Heights), 5 (Brookland), and 6 (Capitol Hill) have races, as well as City Council Chair, school board, and Advisory Neighborhood Commission.  If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about running for office, please contact:  Bruce Majors at (202) 704-6401.

The Libertarian Party seeks to open up the political process, which in DC is virtually a one party state with incumbents for life, to competition from citizen candidates.  The LP plans on line and print advertising, canvassing and participation in candidate forums, and a street sign campaign with pre-primary signs that say "Vote Libertarian!"

If you would like to contribute, send checks to: 

Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Mayor
1200 23rd Street NW
Washington DC 20037

A copy of our treasurer's report is filed with the DC Office of Campaign Finance.

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Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6

Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6
Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6

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